Agricultural Fencing in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough & Uckfield

Our fences are constructed using the finest quality materials and are suitable for all your agricultural needs. Our wire fencing is ideal for fencing-off large areas, as well as for cropland and pastures. Our plain wire fencing is made of galvanised tensile, guaranteeing a long life span. We also have mesh fencing available and a range of rural gates.
If you are looking for something more traditional, we also have wooden fences in various finishes to create a rustic appearance. Our wooden fences can also be treated so that they are less susceptible to rust or damage from insects.

Keeping Animals Enclosed

You may require different types of fencing to contain various animals, including chicken wire for poultry.
Pigs are also known for their ability to dig, which is why it is important to have fencing installed deep enough to make sure they are not left to roam into neighbouring enclosures or onto public roads.
We are highly experienced when it comes to agricultural fencing and having worked with many farmers – who know the common challenges faced when fences are breached. That’s why we ensure all our fencing is to the very highest standards.

Why Choose Richards Fencing?

Based in Crowborough, the team here at Richards Fencing offers agricultural fencing options to farmers and other landowners within a 60-mile radius. Our customers know they can entrust us with large-scale fencing that keeps their land secure and protects their animals and crops. We pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money without compromising our standards or quality customer service.